Soft Brushing Kit Dental

Soft Brushing Kit Dental

  • Dental Soft Brushing Kit with Cassette

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    Soft Brushing Kit

    Dental Implant Surgery Instruments Titanium Coated
    The soft brushing release Kit takes the headache out of flap surgery, and increases your ability to gain primary closure. With the Soft Brushing Release kit you can extend the flap without periosteal incision, up to 3cm. No bleeding. No Pain. No Inflammation. Original Quality by Fida International.
    Used to fabricate autogenously membranes for periodontal surgery, Dental Implant Surgery System and sticky bone, ridge preservation grafts and to prevent dry socket.
    Kit Includes 5 Soft Brushing Instruments:
    1 x Regular Tip

    1 x Angulated Right Tip (Posterior)

    1 x Angulated Left Tip (Posterior)

    1 x Medium Tip

    1 x Large Tip

    1 x Sterilize High Quality Cassette.

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